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The Theme Color from Angular 17 Looks Familiar 🤨

by Elliott Chen, a developer

I see myself as an average web developer, but I take pride in being a good UI developer because I enjoy creating visually appealing designs. Design, unlike math, isn't about right or wrong; it's subjective. What I find aesthetically pleasing may not be the same for others. I once had a professor who used orange, blue, and purple as the main colors for his site. It was a quite challenging for my eyes every time I visited it, but he was confident in his design, evident in the colorful and pretentious ties he wore daily in class. He's got a lot of them. I decided not to comment on it.

Funny story about my college life, hope you got my point.

Design is indeed subjective. Jony Ive from Apple rightly said, "Design isn't something it looks but it works on so many different levels." In the world of web development and software, things aren't physical (unless we're dealing with clusters or hardware). So, the emphasis is on the UI.

As for user interactions, I'll leave that to the realm of UX. I might write a blog post about it later, but let's save that for another time.

Now, when it comes to creating a good UI, what defines "good"? If it's subjective, how do we know what works? Well, I believe most of us can instinctively recognize a good UI without following any specific design rules or philosophy. Even without the golden rule, we can still discern what looks and feels right.

Interestingly, Google, the Angular team, and I seem to have coincidentally chosen the same theme color. I'm flattered. Admittedly, the Angular team executed it better, especially with their smooth interaction details—a skill I need to refine in my work.

To wrap it up, I'm excited about Angular releasing version 17 with more features. While benchmarks show it's fast, it may not outpace Solidjs, but hey, speed isn't everything, right? 🤫

And most importantly, the theme color—we all made the same choice, and by coincidence, I had it implemented on my site first.

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