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My work - Real-world showcases don't need to say much.

I believe in efficiency and maximizing my resources to provide the best value to my clients. The primary way I do that is by re-using the same projects I am proud of.

Project Cases


Github Document

Arch The Hell Out Of It

I want to write a comprehensive comparison of all the familiar frameworks and technologies, understanding their pros and cons, thinking outside of the box, and shedding light on my thought process.


Fun Project

The Middleman

Using BroadcastChannel Web API to communicate among different browser windows, tabs, frames and workers with the same origin.



Petersan a Template

Petersan, thinking about building a ready-to-go template with Server Actions and StyleX integrated.


Task Manager

Sunsan a Task Manager

A full stack drag and drop task manager called Sunsan with Server Action integrated, designed to bring team together as well as mingaintain its aesthetics.


Real-world Project


A Twitch clone, a livestreaming application, integrating with Socket.io.



Rust diary 365

It does look like learning Rust is inevitable, I am excited to see how far I can go.



San Francisco Food Truck

Charming and user-friendly Food Truck web app designed specifically for your lunchtime needs. Finding the perfect lunch idea has never been simpler.


Full Stack

Restaurant Reservation System

It is a sophisticated solution designed to the dining experience by allowing patrons to reserve tables at their favorite dining establishments with ease.

Louise Lu


Louise Lu Storefront

Louise Lu is a fashion-forward clothing brand dedicated to empowering women through stylish and versatile clothing choices. Founded on the principles of confidence, individuality, and accessibility, Louise Lu offers a diverse range of women apparel that caters to the modern, dynamic lifestyle of today woman.

Louise Lu

E-commerce development

Louise Lu Admain Dashboard

Welcome to our Ecommerce Dashboard, your command center for managing and optimizing your online retail business. This dynamic tool is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your e-commerce operations, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive your business to new heights.

Celebrity Chat

OpanAI Chat

AI Chat Service

Introducing our Chat Service - the ideal solution for seamless and efficient communication in the digital age. Our chat service is a dynamic platform designed to connect people, businesses, and communities in real-time, fostering instant connections and enhancing engagement like never before.


Web Content Management

Learning Classes Management

A client of mine asked me to build a online learning center, that has videos, where she can show her students all her yoga videos, also she wants to be able to track the progress of video on user end.



Slack like Messenger

Building a Slack-like messenger with socketIO and integrating it with React Native for native component support on both iOS and Android.

Elliott Chen

text-to-voice pronouncer

A Pronouncer

Hybrid App project: for a non-native English speaker, a text-to-voice pronouncer on my phone is always good to have.


Web Scrapping

Web Scraper

Web scraper works better on getting data on web pages than web crawler.



DAPP Payment System

Building a Slack-like messenger with socketIO and integrating it with React Native for native component support on both iOS and Android.



The Old Site

A personal github site built on Ruby, Gulp, Stylus and Jekyll, I built it right after college, been a while, salute!

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