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Project Case - The Old Site

A personal github site built on Ruby, Gulp, Stylus and Jekyll, I built it right after college, been a while, salute!

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I began crafting this piece using my trusty template, as I've always done in the past. It allowed me to establish the familiar tone and ambiance that I adore. As I continued to pour my thoughts into it, I found myself growing increasingly fond of this blog. Alas, the time has come to bid it a fond farewell.


More case studies


Building a Real-Time Engangement App, AKA a Conferencing App using Agora.io RTC SDK, heard it is the best in town.

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Building Duolingooo, which, as you know, is a clone of Duolingo. It is fun and cartoonish; every adult who is a child at heart has a place for it deep down.

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  • Elliott Chen | Studio
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    Shanghai, China