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Github Stars for Sale

by Elliott Chen, an observer

For a considerable duration, GitHub Stars held a sacred place in the hearts of developers, akin to digital gold stars that adorned the achievements of hard work and unwavering dedication in the open-source realm. These stars were more than mere icons; they symbolized the recognition and admiration of the developer community, serving as a testament to the quality and effort poured into a project.

However, in recent times, the once-pure value of these GitHub Stars has undergone a distressing transformation. With the explosion of open-source projects and the simplicity of clicking that star button, the sheer quantity of stars adorning a repository no longer seems to accurately reflect its true quality or the monumental dedication invested in its creation. It's a bit disheartening to witness the devaluation of these stars as they become more accessible.

To add a touch of disappointment to the mix, it's rather dismaying to discover that acquiring 1K Stars costs a mere $86.00, while 10K Stars can be purchased for a mere $860.00. One might even expect a discount when buying in such quantities. It's disconcerting to realize that these digital badges of recognition are not only easier to obtain than imagined but also considerably cheaper than one might have anticipated. In essence, the diminished value of GitHub Stars leaves us with a sense of disillusionment, as they no longer carry the same weight they once did in accurately assessing the true worth of a project.


Stars on GitHub are not merchandise; they mean way more than that. They are purchasable, meaning there is a market. But why does this market exist in the first place?

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