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by Elliott Chen, a developer

I always had this mixed feelings about CSS. I konw my tagline says it's my fav, you know what I was doing. On one hand, I recognize that CSS encompasses a wide array of capabilities and boasts numerous fantastic features. However, on the flip side, I can't help but feel that CSS is, well, straightforward enough that I can quickly get things to work, even with new features or patterns.

In the past, ensuring browser compatibility was a formidable challenge, but today, the landscape has significantly improved. This positive shift can be attributed to two primary reasons. First, people have become more proactive in keeping their browsers up to date. Second, browsers have become adept at swiftly adopting and implementing new CSS features.

Credit should be given to all the browsers for their remarkable contributions. They are doing an incredible job of fostering a more unified CSS experience across the web.

Here is my final thought, CSS is undeniably imperative, easy to grasp, and straightforward to implement. Its concepts are clear, and its patterns are logical enough to encourage learning by doing. I always recomend people to learn CSS first, find a sandbox, make a banner, fill in color, change the font, add a background... very easy, very simple, instant response. That's how you learn and that's how you grow.

This kind of paradiam is supposed to be programming fundamentally in the first place, isn't it?

Here is the awesome read of State of CSS 2023: https://2023.stateofcss.com/en-US


Do you still recall the time where you want to center a div wihout any dimensions back in the day?

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